McHutchison Volunteers Return to Laurelwood

On October 5, the McHutchison Horticultural Group of Wayne returned to Laurelwood Arboretum for a third time this year. “The newly created Silver Garden on Ridge Road was so successful we decided that the garden bed should be expanded,” said Elaine Fogerty, Executive Director of Laurelwood Arboretum.  “The garden held up during the summer heat and rain and has been largely ignored by our very hungry deer herd.”

MuHutchison volunteers
Photo by Elaine Fogerty

The McHutchison volunteers planted Dusty Miller, Artemisia, blue fescue, Russian sage, Lamb’s Ear, ‘Purple Sensation’ allium, lavender, sage and Bluebeard. They then mulched the plant beds. “Most of the plants have fuzzy leaves or a strong scent that the deer find repulsive,” said Elaine. “A few of the plants have attractive purple flowers. This is a garden that homeowners can duplicate on their own property, especially if there is a deer problem.”

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