Native Plant Spotlight



Most gardeners are familiar with evergreen hollies, a traditional plant used for holiday decorations with its glossy green leaves and stunning red berries. There are various species of hollies native

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New York aster

Native Plant Spotlight: Aster-rific!

During the fall, so many gardeners are seduced by the late blooms of mums and plant them to beautify their gardens. But there is something better you could be using to give your garden not only color, but make it more eco-friendly by providing food for pollinators.

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Wreath Goldenrod

Native Plant Spotlight: Goldenrod

This perennial provides food for the more than 180 species of caterpillars in North America and supports many varieties of native bees who would not survive without it. Goldenrod is especially important in the fall when it provides food for insects at a time when fewer flowers are in bloom.

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