Native Plant Spotlight

Blueberries are superstars!

From pies to helping bees-blueberries are superstars! Blueberries being planted at Laurelwood? Are our volunteers planning to make pies? No, blueberry bushes are being installed at Laurelwood not for their

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Little wood satyr hiding among leaves

WAIT! Don’t do it!

As the weather begins to cool this month, gardeners’ thoughts will turn towards putting their gardens to bed. Here is the most trouble-free way of preparing your garden for winter—don’t

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Value the Violet

April is an exhilarating month for gardeners as the early spring bloomers begin their show. Diminutive and dainty, sometimes we don’t appreciate a plant that seems common. But take a

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Most gardeners are familiar with evergreen hollies, a traditional plant used for holiday decorations with its glossy green leaves and stunning red berries. There are various species of hollies native

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