Accessibility in Laurelwood Arboretum

Accessibility for All

Laurelwood Arboretum strives to make every visitor welcome to our grounds and buildings. When planning your visit, please let us know if there is any service we can provide to make your experience more pleasant.  

Much of the entry level gardens and indoor spaces of Laurelwood Arboretum are accessible to all our visitors, with graveled pathways for easy maneuverability. However, due to the garden’s naturally varied topography, portions of our extended site may not be easily accessed without assistance. We do not have wheelchairs available for rent onsite.

Laurelwood Arboretum offers:

  • Wheelchair-accessible parking onsite
  • Accessible public restrooms in the Knippenberg Center for Education
  • Accessibility to the Knippenberg Center for Education, patio, Sensory Garden and the Wetlands Garden

Wheelchair-Accessible Parking

There are two wheelchair-accessible parking spots in the Pines Lake Drive West parking lot and one wheelchair-accessible parking spot in the Vale Road parking lot. Each will also accommodate a small van. Buses are not permitted.

The Knippenberg Center for Education

This building often has art and other educational exhibits and is wheelchair accessible directly from the Pines Lake Drive West parking lot. It is also accessible, over graveled pathways, from the Vale Road parking lot. The Knippenberg Center is open April through October, Tuesday through Sunday (closed Mondays), 12 noon to 4:00 p.m.

Bathroom Facilities

There are two wheelchair-accessible bathrooms in the Knippenberg Center. The bathrooms are open every day April through October – weekdays 9am to 3pm and weekends 11am to 5pm

The Sensory Garden

There is a designated wheelchair-accessible parking spot in the Vale Road parking lot and the garden is also easily entered from the other parking spots in that area, which are adjacent to the Sensory Garden trellis entrance. The Sensory Garden is designed for wheelchair use and specifically for visitors who would not be able to access the full arboretum. It features paved pathways and four raised quadrants to enjoy the four senses of sight, smell, touch and taste. There is also a small fountain that features sound.

Click here for more information about this special garden.

The Wetlands Garden

This addition to our special gardens can be viewed from the Pines Lake Drive West parking lot where there are two wheelchair-accessible parking spots.

Click here for more information about this special garden.

Public Tours

Through the season, free tours are offered to the public. These tours are available to be taken in motorized cart.

Please click here to access the web site events calendar.

Private Tours

Private motorized cart tours are available through the season, subject to scheduling and volunteer availability. 

Click here for more information about scheduling a private tour.

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