Celebrate Spring Blooms at Laurelwood Arboretum

May is spectacular at Laurelwood Arboretum with its renowned rhododendrons and azaleas in full bloom.  Celebrate nature’s beauty at Peak Bloom Weekend at 725 Pines Lake Drive in Wayne.  During the two-day event, visitors can enjoy peaceful walks surrounded by majestic flowers and guided tours to learn about the renowned rhododendron collection and other unique features of Laurelwood.        

Friends of Laurelwood Arboretum will host free guided walking tours to view the rhododendrons on Saturday, May 18 a 10 am and Sunday, May 19 at 10 am.  Master Gardener Joe DiGiacomo, Chairperson of the Rhododendron Study Team, will select the most spectacular spots for viewing the rhododendrons in bloom.  To join a tour, meet at the pavilion next to the Knippenberg Center for Education. “Rhododendrons are Laurelwood’s signature plant.  Seeing the more than 100 varieties in bloom in the arboretum is one of the year’s most memorable experiences,” DiGiacomo said.

Also at 10 am on Saturday, there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the site of the new Native Habitat Garden, an environmental preserve and habitat for native insects, birds and other pollinators.  For a close look at this new garden, join a free walking tour at 11:30 am.

Free public cart and walking tours through the arboretum are scheduled for Sunday, May 19 at 10:30 am. Experienced tour guides will lead visitors along the arboretum’s winding paths to point out the colorful spring flower gardens, unique trees and artworks along the sculpture trail.

For additional information about Peak Blook Weekend, go to www.laurelwoodarboretum.org or send an email to info@laurelwoodarboretum.org.

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